Winning Odds in Red Dog Poker

When you play the game of Red Dog Poker it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with winning odds. This is a great way to build your strategy and learn which spreads are good to bet on and which are not.

Winning odds refer to the player’s chances of winning in a given game of Red Dog. Odds are expressed by the player’s edge depending upon the size of the spread. The following shows the player’s edge in the game of Red Dog when 6 decks are in play:

1-Card Spread – -0.535484

2-Card Spread – -0.225806

3-Card Spread – -0.303226

4-Card Spread – -0.380645

5-Card Spread – -0.225806

6-Card Spread – -0.070968

7-Card Spread – 0.083871

8-Card Spread – 0.238710

9-Card Spread – 0.393548

10-Card Spread – 0.548387

11-Card Spread – 0.703226

As you can see, with a 1-card spread through a 6-card spread, the player’s edge is negative. For this reason it is never wise to raise unless you have at least a 7-card spread. Raising on a 7-card spread through an 11-card spread is favorable, as the odds are in the player’s favor.

It is also important to note that as you increase the number of decks in play the winning odds become greater. Therefore, you should always choose a multi-deck game when possible.