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Red Dog Poker, also called Yablon or Red Dog, is an exciting casino card game that is based on the game of In-Between, or Acey-Deucey. Unlike traditional poker games, Red Dog is a single-player game. Even if there are multiple players at the table, each player is competing alone against the cards.

In the game of Red Dog Poker, players wager on the cards that they will be dealt. Before the game begins the players must place an initial bet, or ante. This bet is placed in the “Bet” area on the table and must be equal to the bet requirement of the table where you are playing. All players put in equal bets. Of course, when you play for free you make your wager using play money.

Once all bets have been placed each player is dealt two cards are placed on the table, face up. There are then three possibilities:

  • If the two cards are in consecutive order (i.e. 6-7, Queen-King) then the player takes his wager back and the hand is considered a push.
  • If the cards dealt are of equal value (i.e. two 6s, two Kings) then a third card is dealt out. If this card is also of the same value, creating a hand of three-of-a-kind, then the player is paid 11:1 odds. If the third card is not of the same value then the hand is considered a push and the player takes his wager back.
  • If the above options do not apply then a spread is announced. The spread is the number of cards that are between the two cards dealt. For instance, if a 2 and a 7 are dealt it is a 4-card spread because there are four cards between these cards (3, 4, 5 and 6). Players then have the option to double their initial bet and a third card is dealt. If the third card is between the other two then the player wins and is paid out according to the size of the spread as follows:
  • 1-card spread pays 5:1
  • 2-card spread pays 4:1
  • 3-card spread pays 2:1
  • 4-card to 11-card spread pays 1:1

The games on this site are completely FREE, no registration required, no real money deposit for wagering and so NO real money pay off you winnings. Playing free Red Dog for fun is just a great way to have fun, learn the rules of the game and improve your skills.

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